An Idea for TV or Film?
We would love to hear!

With Pitch-Etc™, you can collaborate with a production company to present your ideas.

While it is possible to pitch your proposals directly to broadcasters in South Africa, they typically do not accept unsolicited submissions from individuals. By partnering with a production company that has a successful history of working with broadcasters, you can significantly increase the likelihood of your proposal being noticed and potentially accepted.

Here is how you can submit your idea…


Protect your idea…

Before you send us your pitch, you’ll need us to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to keep your idea protected:

You can download a Pitch-Etc™ NDA Here:


Simply click the link below and fill in your information.

Kindly take note that we are only able to consider ideas and enter into NDA agreements with individuals 18 years old or above.

The costs…?

Reviewing your pitch and providing brief feedback won’t incur any cost. If your idea impresses us, we’ll discuss the terms and the potential partnership. Normally, we collaborate as co-producers and pitch the project to broadcasters and platforms where it fits best. If the proposal is selected, Life-Etc™ will take charge of producing the show, and you’ll serve as an associate producer.

In case we find your idea to have potential but requires some refinement and guidance, we may recommend scheduling a one-hour session with one of our content specialists for a fee of R850 to enhance your pitch.

Alternatively, you may opt for us to produce a sizzle reel for your idea. If your concept does not have any existing video content to showcase how it would translate to television, we can create this material for you, albeit for an additional fee. The cost of the sizzle reel would depend on the filming requirements, wherefore we will provide you with a quote. Let us know if you’d like to include this option in the communication.

You have the idea. We have the experience. Let’s take it to the screen!